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SEQUEL (Simulation Platform)

Simulation is a very powerful tool not only for realistically estimating the performance of a circuit or a system but also from the educational point of view. In particular, simulation allows the student to look at variables which are difficult or impossible to measure in an experimental setup. Further, the student is able to vary component values and see its effect quickly, something that is often not possible in a real experiment.

For these reasons, circuit simulation is an excellent tool for teaching electronics, and can effectively supplement lab as well as theory courses.

SEQUEL is a circuit simulator developed at IIT Bombay [www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~sequel]. A graphical interface has been provided so that entering the circuit diagram and viewing of results become easy for the user. The entire package is available for free download. Several workshops have been conducted on SEQUEL in which students and teachers learn about circuit simulation, how to use the GUI, and simulate several interfacing circuits with SEQUEL. A few colleges are now using the package to supplement class-room teaching. The purpose of this project is to develop comprehensive educational material for Electronic Devices and Circuits, Network Analysis and Linear Integrated Circuits including background material quizzes, simulation exercises and in some cases, animations as well.


User Manual for SEQUEL

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